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Mayur Batra Group among the 25 Most Trusted Tax Consultants

Mayur Batra Group was awarded as the ’25 Most Trusted Tax Consultants’ by The CEO magazine. Following are the excerpts from the magazine:

The New Delhi based Mayur Batra Group is a consulting setup rendering Financial Advisory services since 2002. The marquee Tax Compliance and Advisory firm has executive offices in Japan, UAE, China, and Germany. Thier expert consulting services benefit over sixty Fortune 500 Companies and one thousand global entities.

Mayur Batra Group: Transforming Business through Innovative Business Technologies

25 most trusted tax consultantsIn the recent scenario of volatility in economic and finance has been challenging for corporate in term of providing better services while at the same time reducing the costs of the finance function. To bring efficiency in businesses with such obstructs, expert advice from an experienced finance consulting group can be of great value to finance executives. Headquartered in New Delhi, Mayur Batra Group is a consulting setup rendering Strategic, Business and Financial Advisory Services that help drive greater efficiency and effectiveness throughout the complete business cycle.

Mayur Batra Group’s global expansion in five countries (India, Japan, UAE, China and Germany) and the same number international business desks (Japan, German, UAE, China and Russia) brings new international standards to its clients and has been a partner for over 15 years with Indian as well as international corporations.

Mayur Batra Group, in a very short span of time after inception, has quickly become the leader when it introduced its experienced Chartered Accountants, Tax Advisers, Certified Fraud Examiners & Anti Money laundering experts. The Group has a team of professionals worldwide with global and diverse experience evaluating and interpreting financial transactions to ensure that their clients’ decision makers are making informative business and investment decisions with lower risks, expanded market share, and a global advantage.

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