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Japan Business Desk

The Japan Desk of MB Group is the ideal partner for Japanese Companies in India

We provide the best services to companies which will be established in the future and have already established as a strategic partner. We combine the strengths of both countries: Precision and Reliability as well as a Strong Network and Flexibility. Further, Japanese full time employees guarantee Japanese project management based on Japanese cooperate culture and custom which is focus on accurate works. Together with our local expertise, we provide the ideal package to bring your India business to success whether it is dealing with authorities, cultural characteristics or, not least, the diverse economic world of the subcontinent.

Akiko Yamane
Associate Director
Branch Manager PAN India

Masao Matsumoto
Tokio Office

Yuki Shoji
Japan Business Desk
New Delhi, Gurgaon
Mayur Batra Group
Japanese Business Desk(India)
山根 亜紀子 (Akiko Yamane)
庄子 雄基 (Yuki Shoji)

Tel: +91-11-4361-6263 (デリー)
Tel: +91-124-4129-072 (グルガオン)

Tel: +91-22-4002-9114(ムンバイ)
Tel: +91-20-6790-5953(プネー)
Tel: +91-79-4030-6263(アーメダバード)

Tel: +91-44-4354-6364(チェンナイ)
Tel: +91-80-4149-4945(バンガロール)

イシャニ バジャジ アロラ  (Ishani Bajaj Arora)


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