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Assisting Government, PSU & Private Players

Assisting Government, Public Sector Undertakings & Private Players
Public Private Partnerships – Liaisoning and Partner Search Services and assistance in devising PPP models on behalf of private player;
  • Policy, Regulatory Advice and Strategy Development – for a private player in market entry, new investments, collaborations and expansion;
  • Assisting Government in partner search in PPP model for waster water management, waste management and cleanliness drive;
  • Providing potential Solutions to Government / Ministrities in its efforts of obtaining technologies across segments;
  • Bid-Advisory Services to various private players in implementation of various Public Sector works / order.
We have extensive experience in working with regulatory bodies, industry federations, government forums as well as public and private sector companies in various sectors. We help in catalyzing alliances, collaborations, sourcing between governments, industries, businesses and investors.